*mooches in*

um... 'lo... been a while hasn't it? :P hehe. oh the shock and surprise... :)

hum dum dum... so what has happened in my boring life *thinks* i seem to always start like this :P. well i did my mocks. got very good grades that im proud of. science and spanish dont count. for science they... forgot to teach us would you believe it *rolls eyes* they are such dofous teachers, so i only got a C. :(

and spanish we could only do foundation papers, but because i did higher speaking i still got a B yay. i got A's in everything else.

so hopefully, with a good interview i will get into st jo's. where i want to study, french, spanish, art and psychology. yay. everythings sorted... but i changed my mind about what subjects i want to take like the day after i sent my application in �_� doh

so yeah, school's going ok-ish at the moment. im predicted A*s in maths, i.t. and history.. yay. :P and B in science *glowers at stewpod science teachers*

bah... enough of them. hum dum dum... damn my boring life... i have nothing to write about, tehee..

went shopping on sat! i spent tons of money! i bought some new art stuff for the exam. and the sketchbook is PINK! lol.

hmm, bought some battle royale manga from another world. as well as Squee... um, some new books that ive wanted for a while, hmm... *thinks* i also bought some jelly beans :P and a cd, the dresden dolls to be precise.. that was for lisa's present. and i didnt bring it in today... oops :P

heh. baah. my life's so boring. i just seem to sleep, eat, pee, go to school, sleep some more, and that's it... :( lol. egads i whine so much. heh

ok... ill try to update a little more often... but exams and crap... sorry... but anyhoows, ill try. promise, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye if i ever tell a lie :P

so yeah... bye, i want to maybe have an early night for once.. and so if i sleep for a few hours now ill have some sleep eventually.. or something like that heh